Hopkins Votes is hosting National Voter Education Week

National Voter Education Week is Oct. 2–6 this year! Each day of the week, Hopkins Votes will explore a different topic surrounding voting.

Monday, Oct. 2: Check your registration status and go ahead and register to vote if you haven't already done so. As college students, we get to vote in either our home state or in Maryland, so if you would like to change the state in which you are registered, this is the time to do it. Just make sure not to vote multiple times in different states!

Tuesday, Oct. 3: Request your mail-in ballot if you won't be able to vote in person on election day. Doing this well in advance ensures that you have enough time to receive and return your ballots.

Wednesday, Oct. 4: Make a plan to vote! Figure out when you will fill out your mail-in ballot or go in person to vote. Grab a friend as an accountability partner and make sure both of you stick to your plan and actually vote.

Thursday, Oct. 5: Learn what's on your ballot. On your local Board of Elections website, there will be sample ballots that you can use to see what elections are occurring this year and who is running. Use this to research the candidates and choose whom you support and want to vote for.

Friday, Oct. 6: Level up your voter engagement! Look into becoming an election judge or poll worker. Volunteer with organizations (like Hopkins Votes) to ensure more people have the tools to vote this November.

On Friday, Oct. 6, Hopkins Votes will be tabling on campus to help students register to vote. Come pay us a visit, register to vote, and pick up some merch!

Happy voting and happy National Voter Education Week! To follow along with Hopkins Votes, follow us on Instagram (@hopkinsvotes), and if you would like to volunteer, fill out this form.