Healthy volunteers needed for VR-based motional analysis research study at the Kennedy Krieger Institute

Healthy men and women age 4-85 are needed to participate in a control group for a motion analysis research study at the Kennedy Krieger Institute.

Participation involves having small sticky markers placed on your arms so a computer can detect your movement as you reach with your arms while sitting in a virtual reality environment. Your headset will show a video game–like projection. In addition, we might quickly test your senses and reflexes.

There are no medical benefits or significant risks for you for joining this research study. You will be paid $15 per hour. The study will last approximately 1 hour.

Amy J. Bastian, PhD, principal Investigator
Kennedy Krieger Institute
Funded by the National Institutes of Health
Application # : IRB00182673

For further information or if interested in participating, contact the Motion Analysis Lab: 443-923-2716 or