Volunteers needed for multiday motor cognition study

During this study, you will be performing a series of hand-gripping tasks to associate cues with different exertions. For the first three days (each session taking 2 to 2.5 hours), you will learn this association.

Payment can range from $120 to $250. We will compensate a total of $120 for your time, and we will provide it at the end of the third session. Depending on your performance on day 3, you will be invited to come in for the fourth session, which will take place inside the MRI scanner. On the fourth day, we will compensate $90, and you will have the opportunity to earn more ($40 bonus) depending on your performance.

As this study can potentially take four days, we would appreciate if you could agree to participate if and only if you can reserve four full days on your schedule. The MRI room is a shared facility, and cancellations and rescheduling are quite difficult and incur extra costs for our lab.

For further information, contact Leo Lee at jlee552@jhmi.edu with the email title "Monetary Decision-Making Research Study."

Vikram S. Chib, PhD, principal investigator, IRB protocol number: IRB0028300