Call for committee members: Trans Projects, 2023-24

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is eager to announce two new projects led by our JHU trans communities and allies. "Trans" here indicates gender nonconforming, transsexual, two-spirit, nonbinary, transgender, intersex, genderqueer people, and anyone else who feels that they should be included.

The members of the committee will organize (1) a Trans Narrative Project during the fall semester, presenting trans visions and narratives at JHU, and (2) the Day of Trans Visibility Event, focusing on trans worlds in the university, held at JHU in spring 2024.

The trans narrative project provides a platform to the JHU trans community and allies not only to voice their experiences thus contributing to the creation of a more just environment but also to express their wishes, demands, and visions for the future of the university by making short video interviews, gathering art submissions, and writing a (critical and/or creative) collective report that will be available online on the university Gender and Sexuality Resources webpage.

Members of the committee can also get involved in the organization of the Trans Day of Visibility Event in spring 2024, which will present and share the trans narrative project as well as offer a space for reflections and discussions on the expectations that the trans communities and their allies have for the university.

Some of the talks from last year's conference, Destitution and Power: The Trans Experience, are available here.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the committee or participating, and/or want to learn more about these projects, contact our postdoctoral fellow, Elisa Santucci, at or email the project shared email address: