Hopkins Dining meal plan change period

The meal plan change period begins today for those interested in changing their meal plan for the year. You have until the end of the day on Thursday, Sept. 7, to submit a meal plan change request.

Visit the Star Rez Housing Portal, to change your plan. Once you log in with your JHED ID, click on the "Services and Forms" area to find the 2023-2024 Meal Plan Change Form and follow the prompts from there. Remember to save your confirmation page/email. Your meal plan in the Star Rez system on Friday, Sept. 8 will be your meal plan for the rest of the fall and spring semester. Your meal plan will officially be changed on Sunday, Sept. 10. Any billing adjustments will be made 7-10 business days from Sunday, Sept. 10. Please email us at Dining@JHU.edu with any questions.