Two new training modules for faculty and staff to support disability inclusion

Johns Hopkins University is committed to ensuring that all faculty and staff have the knowledge and resources available to provide an inclusive environment for individuals with disabilities. Two new training modules are available on myLearning this week, with the first being released today, July 26, the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • ADA Workplace Accommodations at Johns Hopkins—intended for managers/supervisors and anyone who might need a workplace accommodation

  • Disability Inclusion at JHU—intended for all faculty and staff

Fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for individuals with disabilities and ensuring that our  academic programs, support services, and facilities are accessible to and inclusive of all are top priorities of the university. These trainings were developed by the Office of Institutional Equity in response to constituent feedback that OIE received last spring about the climate around disability and the need for more training and cultural understanding among JHU affiliates. This was one of many commitments we made after conversations with disability advocates and stakeholders. An update of our progress on additional initiatives will be released at the beginning of the fall semester.

Additionally, Student Disability Services (SDS) and OIE deliver a live, remote, universitywide annual faculty program called Anticipating and Accommodating Students with Disabilities. SDS is redeveloping this program as a series of shorter modules that will include school-specific information that should be available in spring 2024.