From Lab to Business: JHU Students Trek to Boston for Immersive Biotech Networking Experience

Fireside chat with Dean Alex Triantis and entrepreneur, Carey alumnus Christoph Lengauer.

Sixteen Johns Hopkins University (JHU) students from across schools traveled to Boston for a unique biotech networking opportunity. The students, enrolled in graduate programs at the School of Medicine, Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Carey Business School, embarked on this trip to gain insights into the business side of the industry and build connections with leading professionals and JHU Alumni. During their time in Boston, they visited renowned biotech companies, attended seminars, and engaged in interactive discussions with experts, immersing themselves in the thriving biotech ecosystem of the city. This hands-on experience not only provided the students with a glimpse into the real-world applications of their academic knowledge but also opened doors for potential internships and future career prospects in the biotech sector.

Valerie Bright, an MBA/MPH candidate, spoke of the experience: "This was a great educational opportunity to discover more about the biotech world and to meet and learn from the leadership at these companies. […] It was exciting to meet students from another area of Johns Hopkins, hear about their exciting work, and collaborate with them during the trip."

By exposing students to the practical aspects of the biotech business world, this collaborative trek aimed to equip them with the necessary skills and networks to succeed in their future endeavors. The Boston Biotrek served as a valuable platform for students to interact with professionals, ask questions, and gain insights into the challenges and opportunities of the biotech industry. Overall, this immersive networking experience bridges students with real-world applications and prepared them to make a meaningful impact in the rapidly evolving biotechnology sector.

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