Hopkins Dining Community Meal

This Friday, May 26, Hopkins Dining will be hosting its first ever Community Meal to give back to the Baltimore community by providing meals to our local food donation partner, Good Harvest. With the initiative leading into Memorial Day weekend, they will be using perishable ingredients that would otherwise be composted with the close of the academic year to make meals for donation. Here are a few additional details:

  • As a team, from hourly employees to senior leadership, Hopkins Dining will be working to cook, assemble, pack, and load meals that will be distributed by our donation partner, Good Harvest. We will be distributing around 500 healthy meals over Memorial Day weekend.

  • Good Harvest is a local organization that expands access to healthy food for underserved members of the Baltimore community.

  • Donations will go to individuals in group settings, like children served by Head Start, after-school and day care programs, shelters, and senior centers.

  • Good Harvest also provides job training in the food service industry for those with barriers to employment.

Hopkins Dining is excited to continue this donation program, as it serves our wider JHU community and prevents food waste from its kitchens.