The Teaching Academy's Teaching Institute, in person at Homewood, May 31 to June 2

The Teaching Institute will be offered in person on the Homewood campus from Wednesday, May 31, to Friday, June 2.

Goal of the Teaching Institute

Sponsored by the JHU Teaching Academy, the Teaching Institute is intended to enable participants to be successful and confident classroom teachers. Participants will explore the benefits of active learning, ongoing assessment, and fostering inclusive classrooms. Participants will examine a variety of teaching practices and principles and will also participate in peer-evaluated micro-teaching exercises or choose to present a lesson plan that they develop as part of the Teaching Institute.


Teaching Institute participants will:

  • Explore and test multiple teaching methods that engage and assess diverse students;
  • Develop skills and strategies to continue growing as reflective instructors who employ evidence-informed teaching methods;
  • Identify strategies that improve student learning outcomes for all students;
  • Work in small groups to share ideas, build new skills, and cultivate partnerships in teaching and learning;
  • Create a peer-reviewed lesson plan;
  • Present their lesson plan or facilitate a micro-teaching exercise to their peer group.

Themes of the Teaching Institute

The Teaching Institute is based on the concept of teaching-as-scholarship, which challenges instructors to bring to teaching the critical thinking, rigor, creativity, and spirit of experimentation that defines research in all disciplines. Teaching as scholarship embodies three core themes: active learning, assessment, and diversity. The Teaching Institute uses a diverse collection of active learning and assessment techniques—diverse both in the goals and methods used and in the needs of the audience—to engage students in learning. Some activities will be more effective, some perhaps less so, and some may be unfamiliar or even uncomfortable. Regarding the diversity of activities throughout the week: each participant will be asked to note varied approaches to teaching and learning, take the time to reflect on the efficacy of each approach, and consider which methods could be adopted to their own teaching.

Information for registration is here.