CTY Wellness Wednesdays webinar: Why Novelty Is Essential to Keeping Advanced Learners Engaged

Join the Center for Talented Youth for the next webinar of the center's series focused on well-being and youth development. The webinar will be held at noon EDT on Zoom today, Wednesday, May 10.

How do you keep your child from being bored this summer? Novelty! Recent research from CTY shows that new academic content and novel learning approaches and delivery are essential to engaging and challenging bright students through out-of-school learning opportunities.

As you plan for your child's summer, join CTY's Amy Shelton to learn about her research on why novelty is so essential to challenging and engaging advanced learners. Learn what you should consider to ensure that you are providing positive learning experiences outside school that will help them thrive.

Shelton is executive director of CTY and leads the center in advancing its vision. A professor and former associate dean for research in the Johns Hopkins School of Education, she has a research background in cognitive psychology and neuroscience and focuses on spatial skills, individual differences, and mechanisms of learning. She has a Master of Arts and PhD in cognitive psychology from Vanderbilt University and is the parent of a CTY student.

  • Register for the webinar here.
  • See Shelton's research about novelty and advanced learners that appeared in Gifted Child Quarterly here.
  • Go to CTY's YouTube channel, where the event will be posted within a few days, if you were unable to see it on May 10.