Make your end-of-the-year event more sustainable

According to a recent study, 2.44 pounds of waste is generated by individuals at events. By selecting a Preferred Green Caterer, you can ensure that all the waste created at your event is compostable. Preferred Green Caterers are vendors that are screened annually by the Office of Sustainability and commit to providing fully compostable serviceware for JHU events at no extra charge.

But don't stop there. You can also reduce the amount of waste by sending out free food alerts if you have food left over at your event. Free Food Alert is an innovative platform that allows event hosts to post free food giveaways when there is excess food after their event and for Hopkins community members to receive email and mobile alerts for free food. Sign up here.

Reducing food waste and composting is a significant step toward a zero waste future for Johns Hopkins and achieving our sustainability goals. By choosing a Preferred Green Caterer and using the Free Food Alert, we can work together to reduce and compost waste and feed people.