Coping With Traumatic Events in the News

Given the recent school shooting in Nashville, Tenn., which left three children and three adults dead, the Johns Hopkins Employee Assistance Program (JHEAP) would like to acknowledge the impact that this tragic event may have on you. Traumatic events affect each person differently. Please be reminded of the resources that JHEAP has available to provide support to address the full range of emotions that you might be experiencing.

Some individuals may benefit from speaking with a professional counselor to help them process their reactions. You and your household members have free, confidential access to support, guidance, and referrals for a variety of needs and concerns through the Johns Hopkins Employee Assistance Program. JHEAP counselors are available and ready to assist, 24/7. Reach out confidentially to 888-978-1262.

You can also log on to the CCA@YourService website, code: JHEAP, for extensive information and resources. Select TN School Shooting from the rotating "New for You" banner on the homepage to access the following support resources you may find helpful:

  • Active Shooter: Actions to Take Video
  • Active Shooter: Emergency Action Plan Video
  • Guidelines for Student or Staff Sudden Death (Part 1)
  • Guidelines for Student or Staff Sudden Death (Part 2)
  • Guidelines for Student or Staff Sudden Death (Part 3)
  • Coping with Grief After Community Violence
  • Individual's Reactions to Traumatic Events
  • Talking with Children About Violence
  • Tips for Parents on Media Coverage of Violent Events
  • The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN)—"School Shooting Resources"
  •—"Federal Resources for Helping Youth Cope After a School Shooting"