Healthy individuals needed for parkinsonism research study

Healthy individuals at least 40 years old are needed to participate in a research study at Johns Hopkins Green Spring Station in Lutherville, Maryland. The study is looking at the differences in cognition (thinking) and biospecimens (body fluids) between healthy controls and individuals diagnosed with parkinsonism. Eligible individuals must be native English speakers, without any first- or second-degree relatives with Parkinson's disease (PD), Alzheimer's disease (ALZ), or progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP).

Individuals will be asked to complete memory questionnaires, have biospecimen collections, and undergo a brief exam by the study neurologist. The study involves an annual one-day visit, which takes place once every two years, for a total of three years, and participants are compensated $150 each visit. All meals and travel expenses are covered by the study.

Interested individuals may contact AJ Hall by email at Please include "Hub Announcement—Healthy Volunteers" in the subject line for an expedited response.