fMRI study participants wanted

Research study: To understand human language processing and memory, we are conducting an fMRI study where participants listen to stories, play games, and recall a story inside the scanner.

Study info: The scanning lasts for 1-1.5hr. We then test participant's memory outside the scanner for 0.5-1hr. The total length of the study is 2-2.5hr at the Kennedy Krieger Institute located at the Johns Hopkins East Baltimore campus.

Compensation: A participant earns $60-80 in total. Upon request, the following can be provided for free by late April: 1) participants' de-identified MRI brain image, and 2) participant's memory performance against the general sample.

Requirements: Right-handed native English speakers wanted. Participants must NOT have any metal inside their body (retainers are not allowed, but dental fillings are fine). Any claustrophobia, neurological, or psychiatric disease/disorders may trigger claustrophobic responses in the scanner with long hours. Therefore, we ask only healthy adults to participate.

Contact: if you are interested in the study and meet the above requirements, contact Xian Li for further study details and to book an appointment.