TimesheetX Officially Launches University-Wide Feb 20th for Part time Student Workers

TimesheetX will finish the university-wide launch on February 20th, 2023. TimesheetX streamlines and coordinates timesheets and payments for hourly paid student employees. This platform will replace all current pay system forms and externally entered timesheets ONLY for hourly paid student employees.

Casual student employees, certificate student employees, visiting student employees or other student employees not on hourly pay will still be expected to enter their timesheets through the process required by their hiring manager. This new platform DOES NOT affect full time/hourly JHU staff and faculty.

TimesheetX began implementation in Spring of 2022 at Peabody and School of Education before continuing to migrate student employee and timesheet approver information across all schools and departments. This final roll out officially indicates that TimesheetX is now the only accepted form of timesheet submissions that should be approved for payment on a weekly basis.

To assist with any inquiries or troubleshoot any issues, student employees and timesheet approvers can submit a query form and can access all resources and training materials on SMILE.