AGHI Faculty Fellowship opportunity

Since its founding in 2016, the Alexander Grass Humanities Institute has aimed to serve the Hopkins community as a focal point for humanities and social sciences departments, programs, and centers across the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. We are delighted to announce AGHI's newest initiative, aimed at fostering interdisciplinary dialogue, inspiring creative collaborations, and forging communal bonds: the AGHI Faculty Fellowship.

The core of the fellowship will be biweekly Friday lunches: convivial gatherings centered around work-in-progress presentations and discussions. Complementing the vibrant intellectual activities that go on within departments, these gatherings will offer faculty along with Society of Fellows postdocs and AGHI graduate fellows the opportunity to convey the essence and relevance of their work and to receive feedback from colleagues outside their own disciplines and beyond the traditional parameters of classrooms, departments, and institutional hierarchies.

For academic year 2023–24, seven Faculty Fellows will be selected from the full range of humanistic departments, disciplines, and ranks. All Faculty Fellows will be expected to attend the Friday lunches, present their work to the group, and find ways to involve students in their project. They will each receive $10,000 in additional research funds, half of which are unrestricted, and half of which are intended to facilitate meaningful graduate and/or undergraduate student engagement. We will also welcome a small number of Faculty Fellows emeriti, who will receive a research budget of $2,500.

All full-time KSAS faculty are eligible to apply.

Application is here.

AGHI Faculty Fellowships will be awarded for interdisciplinary work that especially promises to benefit from and contribute to the intellectual community that emerges from these conversations. Please submit a one- to two-page description of your project, in which you highlight how you intend to involve students in your project.

Deadline: March 6