Peabody Prep announces new adult dance offerings

The Peabody Preparatory is excited to announce changes to our adult dance offerings! Whether you are a beginner and new to dance or have years of dance experience, we welcome all ages and abilities. We offer a variety of classes at a range of levels including Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, and Latin. We aim to inspire and motivate dancers in an encouraging and supportive environment.

New this spring is the addition of a drop-in rate for our classes. We realize many of you have busy schedules. The drop-in is an excellent option for those who cannot commit to the full year. This allows you the flexibility to take a class when your schedule permits. You may sign up for as many classes as you would like for $24 per class.

We also offer a free trial class so you can try out a new style or see what feels good to your body. This class can be taken at any time, in any style, and is free of charge.

Ready to sign up? Visit the Peabody Preparatory's website Open Program for Adults and Teens 16+ to see the full schedule of classes and to register.