Online course for high school students: Biomedical Engineering Innovation

The application is now open for Biomedical Engineering Innovation (BMEI), a fully online course that introduces biomedical engineering to high school students by (1) modeling biological systems and designing experiments to test those models and (2) introducing engineering principles to solve design problems that are biological, physiological, and/or medical. Students will model human efficiency and the cardiovascular system.

BMEI is asynchronous with pre-recorded lectures. Students will have "live" support through communication platforms and real-time study sessions. This course is not self-paced. All accepted students will be shipped a lab kit with materials for design projects and hands-on labs. Students have the opportunity to earn three college credits from JHU.

Summer dates are June 26 to Aug. 4.

The Engineering Innovation Pre-College Programs webpage has details about material covered, eligibility criteria, and how to apply.