Want to take a community-based learning course in the spring? Check out these six exciting courses!

The Center for Social Concern's Engaged Scholar Faculty Fellows Program has been working with our faculty fellows this past semester to create unique community-based learning classes for JHU students. Now's the time to register for them!

The six that will be offered this spring are:

  • EN.660.392 Social Impact Design (Dr. Alissa Burkholder Murphy)
  • AS.004.101 (01) Reintroduction to Writing: Music, Young People, and Democracy (Dr. Anne-Elizabeth Brodsky)
  • AS.362.140 Blackstorytelling: Public Health Education in the Black World (Dr. Jasmine Blanks Jones)
  • AS. 389.314 (01) Researching the Africana Archive: Black Cemetary Stories (Dr. Gabrielle Dean)
  • AS.004.101 (20) Reintroduction to Writing: The City That Writes (Dr. Matthew Pavesich)
  • En.553.335 Mathematic for a Better World (Dr. Fadil Santosa)

Read each course description here.

Register for classes on SIS.