Seeking volunteer native English speakers for behavioral study

Volunteer native English speakers are being recruited for studies in the Neuroplasticity and Development Lab. These experiments investigate how life experiences shape language processing.

The lab is looking for monolingual native English speakers age 30–70 who have no hearing loss and normal/corrected vision. Study participation involves sentence comprehension, reasoning about visual and color perception, and analyzing scenarios involving people, creatures, and objects. Participation involves one to three sessions, each of which lasts between one and three hours. Based on their eligibility and availability, volunteers can participate in one study or up to all three studies. Compensation is $20/hour and $10 for each additional 30 minutes, as well as transportation costs to and from the lab. These studies take place in Ames Hall on the Homewood campus.

To sign up for this study, fill out this brief questionnaire. A lab member will be in contact shortly with eligible volunteers. Interested volunteers are also welcome to contact the lab directly at 410-870-9895.

Additionally, if you have any questions about the study, contact the lab at 410-870-9895 or at