Balancing School, Extracurriculars, and Everything in Between

Join CTY's Student Support Unit for the next webinar of our series focused on well-being and youth development. The webinar is scheduled for 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Dec. 14.

Piano lessons, soccer practice, robotics club, and tutoring are some of the many extracurriculars CTYers juggle with their academic responsibilities. While parents and families should encourage participation in new, exciting activities, they need to be sure that their child isn't stretched too thin. Join CTY's Bridgette Yee McIntyre to discuss strategies for establishing a healthy and effective balance for your students—and yourself.

Bridgette Yee McIntyre, director of the Student Support Unit at CTY, has spent her career working in higher education and college admissions. She holds degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Cultural Foundations of Education from Syracuse University. She enjoys talking with families at any age about all things college admissions.

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