Webinar: Best Practices for Creating Accessible Digital Event Flyers and Announcements

This webinar for JHU staff and students is conducted by Julie Clementson, of Student Disability Services, and Kathy Cahill, of University Information Systems.

Date: Thursday, Nov. 10
Time: 1-2 p.m.

When planning or advertising an upcoming event, make sure you are being inclusive in your communication! Learn how staff and student group representatives can create inclusive event flyers and announcements that meet accessibility guidelines and are readable by all.

The webinar will cover basic accessibility principles and techniques to create announcements using Word, Powerpoint, and PDF.

Registration: To attend the webinar, please sign up here.

This event is open to the entire Johns Hopkins community, and a recording will be made available. CART transcription services will be provided for the live event.

If you need assistance to accommodate a disability, contact kathy.cahill@jhu.edu with your request. For general information about the event, contact webaccessibility@jhu.edu.