The New Nest Egg—Why an HSA can be an important component in your retirement savings strategy

As part of Benefits & Worklife's Pre-Retirement Program for faculty and staff, TIAA is hosting a webinar at noon on Tuesday, Sept. 20, to explain how a health savings account (HSA) can be an important component to your retirement savings strategy.

You may know about the tax advantages of contributing to a health savings account, but did you know that HSAs are also a way to save for health care expenses in retirement? In addition, one of the many benefits of an HSA is that the unused balance can be invested for potential growth over the long term and used during retirement years when health care expenses may be significantly higher. During this discussion, we'll go through how HSAs can help you in your journey toward financial wellness. TIAA will host this webinar.

Register in advance on the TIAA website.

For information on all the Pre-Retirement Program sessions being offered, visit the Benefits & Worklife website.