Registration open for workshop on large-scale scientific imaging

Join us for a workshop on large-scale scientific imaging as we celebrate the inception of the Scientific Software Engineering Center (SSEC) at JHU, operating as part of the broad AI-X effort and funded by Schmidt Futures. The area of large-scale scientific imaging forms one of the pillars of the emerging AI revolution in science, as the explosion of scientific data is mostly owing to the advancement of imaging technologies. This is true for nearly every scientific discipline, from medicine, including radiology, brain, and cancer research, to astronomy, climate observations, materials science, and cell biology. And large-scale numerical simulations create ultra-high-resolution images of observable phenomena, from turbulence to climate models and ocean circulation patterns.

What has not advanced similarly is the handling of these datasets, most of which are well past the Terabyte scale; even midscale instruments can generate several petabytes per year. Researchers have tackled data management mostly in a one-off fashion, specific to each experiment. This has created the potential for some of the most efficient and valuable techniques developed thus far to stay siloed and inaccessible from the broader scientific community.

In this workshop, we will bring together different communities to address these outstanding problems. Through speakers and facilitated discussion, we will explore commonalities, identify differences, and see how one can use better economies of scale in creating and managing such large image archives. Furthermore, we will discuss ways to interface these image archives to existing AI environments and shorten the path to create novel AI applications for training and inference.

Format: The first day will be dedicated to ~15-minute presentations by invited scientists from JHU and beyond. The second day will be devoted to discussion sessions where we will be looking for synergies, common patterns between these different fields.

Location: The workshop will be held at the Bloomberg building on the Homewood campus on June 16–17 and will be in person.

You are encouraged to register in advance; or questions or to inform organizers of dietary restrictions or considerations, please email