Life Design Summer Institute 2022

The Life Design Summer Institute (LDSI) provides an eight-week training in Life Design principles and pedagogy to Johns Hopkins University undergraduate students so that they might imagine their academic and professional options and their future selves. Throughout the program, students will explore different life and career options by empathizing with their values, defining their goals, brainstorming possibilities, interviewing JHU alumni, and subsequently imagining and crafting portfolios for three versions of a future professional self.

Applicants selected to participate in LDSI will be expected to attend a weekly seminar (one hour, 45 minutes) and devote at least two hours outside the seminar to activities and readings. This summer the Life Design Lab plans to offer several sections, with both daytime/evening as well as in-person/remote options. Applications accepted through May 27. This opportunity is open only to current Johns Hopkins University undergraduate students (including students who will graduate in May).