Life Design Lab Grad Camp 2022: Registration is open

Whether you are a rising senior preparing for your own graduate school search and application process or simply exploring the possibility of graduate school, this virtual four-day event will prepare you with the skills and knowledge to successfully navigate the journey ahead. Not only is each day designed to spotlight the wisdom and advice of faculty, mentors, and current graduate students, but as a participant you will have an opportunity to workshop your application material with direct support from Life Design Educators. Sign-up for all four days for the full boot camp experience or choose the days and topics that work best for you!

Day 1: Designing Graduate School & Where Should I Apply? Monday, May 23rd, 3:00- 6:00 PM Figuring out where to apply to graduate school can feel like a daunting process in the beginning. In our opening session, Executive Director of Life Design Lab, Matthew Golden, will share strategies to align your graduate experience with your overall life design. Participants will also receive insight from current graduate students and leave with personalized tools to organize their search.

Day 2: Tips from Admission Committees & Writing Dynamic CVs Tuesday, May 24th, 3:30- 6:00 PM Admissions experts will share their tips and tricks for making a strong and memorable graduate school application.  Implement their guidance and life design practices to construct your standout curriculum vitae (CV)!

Day 3: Crafting A Compelling Personal Statement Wednesday, May 25th, 3:30- 6:00 PM A compelling personal statement begins with a compelling story, one that amplifies your distinct voice. Learn the foundations of storytelling from bestselling author of Storyworthy: Engage, Teach, Persuade, and Change Your Life through the Power of Storytelling, Matthew Dicks. You'll be invited to practice your own storytelling through drafting a captivating personal statement with guidance from life design educators.

Day 4: Approaching Letters of Recommendation & How Not To Pay For Grad School Thursday, May 26th, 3:30-6:00 PM Recommendations and funding are two key components to success in the graduate school application process. During this panel, you'll get the faculty perspective on the best ways to seek their support. The following workshop will orient you to strategies and opportunities to help fund your education.  

Check out the full schedule of Grad Camp on the Imagine website; submit any inquiries and sign up for each of the virtual events