Project MUSE hosts MUSE Meets 2022

The virtual event April 5 and 6 for librarians, publishers, and scholars is open to anyone interested in digital scholarship

Project MUSE, the leading platform of scholarly journals and books in the humanities and social sciences, will host its second MUSE Meets event Tuesday, April, 5, and Wednesday, April 6. More than 500 publishers, librarians, and scholars from across the globe have registered for the virtual event, which will feature updates on key initiatives at Project MUSE as well as panel discussions with industry leaders about innovative digital initiatives, Open Access, the sustainability of the humanities and social sciences publishing in the aftermath of COVID-19, and more.

Karin Wulf, Beatrice and Julio Santo Domingo Director and Librarian, John Carter Brown Library and Professor of History at Brown University, will deliver the keynote address "Humanity Needs the Humanities—and So Does STEM," at 10 a.m. on Tuesday. She is the author or editor of several award-winning scholarly books and essays, and she regularly writes for general audience publications about history, archives, and the importance of humanities scholarship.

MUSE Meets 2022 will feature three live panel discussions, bringing together thought leaders from across the scholarly communications landscape to discuss Open Access journals, EJI in scholarly communications, and how humanities scholarship can innovate in a rapidly changing world. There will also be four topical networking sessions to provide unstructured opportunity for attendees and presenters to meet, connect, and discuss the wide range of topics brought up throughout the event.

More information, including the list of presenters and panelists and the full conference schedule can be found at the MUSE Meets website linked here.

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