JHU Teaching Academy Inclusive Pedagogy Series

Many instructors believe that inclusive teaching is a worthy ideal. But while inclusive intentions are a helpful place to start, instructors often lack the training and resources they need to actualize equitable learning environments for all students. This four-session series is designed to grow your competence and confidence around teaching for access, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. It is scheduled from Wednesday, March 16, to Friday, March 25, online via Zoom and is open to grad students and postdocs.

In Week 1, we'll survey the most up-to-date research on inclusive teaching from the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. We'll also identify concrete strategies for applying this research to our current or future teaching practice.

In Week 2, we'll investigate emerging problems from the field of inclusive teaching that center on the question: "Is inclusive teaching a personal choice or a professional responsibility?" We'll also consider the implications of these responsibilities for our current or future teaching practice.

This series is designed to benefit those new to inclusive teaching as well as those conversant with the field. The series will be facilitated by Michael McCreary, a sixth-year PhD student in the humanities at JHU and part-time graduate associate at the Center for Educational Resources.

Visit the Center for Educational Resources website for more information and registration.