Healthy volunteers needed for CBD research

Participants will first complete an in-person screening session (lasting about 2 hours) to determine study eligibility. Participants who are eligible and agree to be in the study will topically apply a product such as a lotion, cream, or patch that may contain substances that are found in cannabis, including CBD and THC.

Participants will apply their assigned drug in the lab (in a session lasting about 8 hours), and also at home twice per day over the 10 days after the first session. During this 10-day period, participants will visit the lab again for 1-hour visits on days 2, 3, 7, and 10. They will also do a final visit 1 week later (on day 17), which will be 1 hour. Participants who complete the study can earn up to $1,330 (or up to $1,360 if you choose to provide hair samples).

To see if you may be eligible, click here.

Principal Investigator: Tory Spindle, PhD