Coping with distress from current events in Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine may be causing you to experience a range of difficult emotions. We cannot even begin to imagine the anxiety and fear that so many are experiencing for their own safety, the safety of their loved ones, and the future of the world. Distressing events can affect everyone who lives through them. Even people who experience these events only through the media can have emotional and stress reactions.

Remember you can only control some things. Lots of what's happening isn't within anyone's control. But you can control your own actions and thoughts. Focus on what you can influence or manage—and not on things that are beyond your control. For example, you do have control over how much time you spend watching the news or whether or not you can donate to a relief effort.

Lean on your resilience. Think about other difficult times you've lived through and other challenges you've met head-on. What has been helpful to get you through those difficult times? Meditation, exercise, a close friend, journaling, etc. Try to implement self-care activities that have worked for you before.

MySupport has put together these resources in light of recent events in Ukraine:

Whatever difficulties our local, national, and expatriate employees and family members face at this time, mySupport is available to support your needs 24/7/365 by calling 443-997-7000; select Option 2. Our counseling staff is specially trained to assist in times of need and is available at any time. We're always here to provide you with emotional support and referrals to helpful resources.