Four-week Mindfulness Meditation workshop for graduate students

This four-week online workshop will offer perspectives and practices of Mindfulness Meditation with the intention of promoting sustainable and nourishing engagement with difficult realities. Through talks, experiential practice, and reflection, participants will learn how a Mindfulness Meditation practice can support the ability to meet the sufferings of the world with clarity and compassion instead of overwhelm or burnout.

Each of the sessions will consist of a talk, guided practice, and question and answer/discussion period. Each week will focus on different aspects of a mindfulness meditation practice, including awareness of breath and body, cultivating compassion, working with difficult emotions, and bringing mindfulness into every day life.

Mindfulness Meditation is rooted in Buddhist teachings and draws from wisdom shared in Buddhist psychology and philosophy. With immense gratitude for and acknowledgment of these teachings, this workshop will be secular in nature. This workshop explicitly welcomes graduate students of all backgrounds, abilities, cultural and faith traditions, and experiences from across JHU's campuses. Participation will be capped at 12 students, with a waitlist option. Register with your JHED ID here.