Fall in love with ILLD Resources - Imagine That!

Do you know what we absolutely adore here at the Office of Integrative Learning and life Design? We LOVE our resources and we know you'll love them too. If you don't already know, all of the resources we offer in our department are 100% free to our students. Whether you're part-time, full-time, undergrad to post-doc, MBA to MSN, and everywhere your interests and journeys lie!

Forager One helps undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students discover and connect with university researchers across all divisions of the university to contribute to path-breaking discoveries and develop important skills supporting their educational and career goals. The platform also allows students to connect with each other for group research projects. If you have any questions on this platform and want to explore it more, reach out to the Hopkins Office for Undergraduate Research (HOUR) at hour.jhu.edu

Find on-campus employment through SMILE Did you know an on-campus job is the best way to get real-world working opportunities, networking opportunities, and resume building experiences all while being completely flexible to your class schedules and needs? The University Experiential Learning office operates the only university-wide employment database that offers part-time employment for students no matter where you are currently enrolled!

Vmock for resume help! While all of our career departments can easily help you make or edit a masterful resume during office hours or in individual appointments, Vmock is able to provide 24/7 feedback on your resume for any industry you apply to! You can put your best YOU forward with Vmock.

Did you know the thousands of courses in Linkedin Learning are 100% free to JHU students? If you have always wanted to develop a special skillset but never really had the time, Linkedin Learning allows you to view videos, listen to lessons and hear inspirational talks on your own time!

This is just a small sampling of the countless resources available to students through the Office of Integrative Learning and Life Design. For more resources be sure to visit Imagine JHU.