Join the Freezer Challenge!

Did you know that ultra-low temperature freezers consume as much electricity annually as a typical single-family home? Lower your lab's carbon footprint and challenge your cold storage practices by taking part in the Freezer Challenge. Supported by the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL) and My Green Lab, this challenge is designed to promote best practices in cold storage management for laboratories around the world.

The annual competition operates from January to July, and the top JHU winners will be awarded a cash prize. In addition, the overall winner of the international challenge will be featured in Nature magazine and awarded during the annual I2SL conference.

To learn more, please fill out this participation interest form and/or attend an information session on Feb. 15 or March 17 from 11a.m. to noon EST.

To learn more about our other Green Labs initiatives, please visit the Green Labs webpage of the Sustainability website or email