Confused about sorting your dining waste?

COVID has disrupted so much in our lives and we can add supply chains to the list. Prior to COVID all the plastics sold in Homewood campus dining locations were compostable. Unfortunately, it is not that simple anymore. Items purchased in the Fresh Food Cafe (FFC) or Nolan's are made from compostable plastic. However, if you purchase items in Charles St Market, Levering, or the Daily Grind, you will need to check the containers before you sort your waste into the correct bin.

Plastic to-go items that have a #7 in the chasing arrows symbol or say "compostable" on the bottom are compostable. If you see a #1-6, they are neither compostable nor recyclable. We only accept #1 and #2 plastic in the form of bottles and jugs for recycling on the Homewood campus. All paper-based food and beverage containers are also compostable. So please #CheckItBeforeYouChuckIt and keep our compost and recycling clean and uncontaminated.

While you are at it, please reduce your waste by bringing a reusable bag to campus dining locations and stores in Baltimore. Reduce and Reuse come before Recycle!

For more resources to help you reduce and sort your waste, please visit the Homewood Recycling Office website and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.