JHU Academy Lecture by Dorry Segev

Dorry Segev, a professor of surgery and of epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University, gives the JHU Academy Lecture via Zoom, scheduled for noon to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 8. The title of the lecture is "COVID Vaccines and the Immunocompromised: Lessons Learned From a Study of 8,000 People We Never Met."

Segev is founder and director of the Epidemiology Research Group in Organ Transplantation and a member of the National Academy of Medicine. His transplantation work has directly influenced U.S. policy, including two congressional bills (the Norwood Act for kidney exchange and the HOPE Act for HIV-to-HIV transplants). While his major research interest has been organ transplantation, in the light of the current pandemic, he has recently expanded his research to better understand COVID-19 and its implications for solid organ transplantation. This work was presented by Anthony Fauci at multiple White House briefings and directly motivated the FDA/CDC changes to allow boosters for immunocompromised patients.

Contact Formithia Hurte, fhurte@jhu.edu, for the passcode.

The Zoom link is here.