Now hiring Philanthropy Engagement Representatives

Seeking goal-oriented, personable and engaging representatives to connect with JHU alumni, parents, and friends over the phone. Philanthropy Engagement Representatives connect alumni back to the university, thank donors, and raise money for scholarships, student services, and other initiatives at JHU.

Offering flexible evening hours Sunday-Thursday with a relaxed, friendly working environment, the Engagement Center is a great opportunity for students to build their resume. If you have strong communications skills, this is the job for you! Engagement Ambassadors can gain experience in marketing, networking, fundraising, and sales negotiations while working at the Engagement Center.

Johns Hopkins University has partnered with RNL (Ruffalo Noel Levitz). At the Engagement Center, we conduct meaningful outreach and interactions with alumni, parents, and friends of the university. Philanthropy Engagement Representatives reach out in an effort to engage donors to donate, verify their information, and share institutional updates.

Philanthropy Engagement Representatives contact prospects over the phone while conducting themselves as a professional representative of the school. They are expected to accurately enter data into our computer system and meet or exceed goals as outlined by the Engagement Center manager.

Until further notice, this position will be 100% remote. You are only required to be within the United States while working. As such, Philanthropy Engagement Representatives will utilize their own devices to enact job duties. Access to the following is required for consideration:

  • A standard, high-speed internet connection
  • A computer with a webcam (built-in or external)
  • A headset, or headphones with a microphone
  • A private, quiet work space

Apply now on the Engagement Center website to begin experiencing a flexible schedule, incentive opportunities, and a great work atmosphere!