Construction at South Garage, Mason Hall west patio and lawn

On Nov. 16, construction barriers and directional signage will begin to be installed on the west side of Mason Hall, inhibiting access to and across the Mason Hall west patio and lawn area, Wyman Park Drive east sidewalk, and access to the South Garage pedestrian sidewalk. The construction barriers will not block any of the entranceways to Mason Hall or vehicle traffic around the site, or access to the South Garage via Bowman Drive. Pedestrian traffic along Wyman Park Drive will have to either cross over to the west side of Wyman Park Drive at the South Gate and again at the north side of Bowman Drive, or follow the walkways between Mason and Malone halls to bypass the construction site.

Site barrier installation, removal of the brick patio and sidewalks, creation of the construction entrance, and equipment and material deliveries are expected to be ongoing until the project is completed. Excavation to install the underground utilities from the west face of Mason Hall to the Wyman Park Drive east curb will begin as soon as the site is secure.

Excavation to install underground utilities across Wyman Park Drive will begin in mid-December when campus traffic is expected to be less congested. The excavation across Wyman Park Drive will close one lane of Wyman Park Drive between 6 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. each workday. Steel plates will be installed at the end of each workday to allow the traffic lanes to reopen for normal traffic flow in both directions. While construction is underway in the roadway, flagmen will be controlling the flow of traffic while one lane is closed.

The entire project is expected to be completed in early spring 2022.