Volunteers needed for MRI research study

The Neuroplasticity and Development Lab is seeking volunteers for a study that pays $30/hour for up to $80. This study consists of two sessions that will take place at Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins medical campus. Volunteers will be asked to perform a task responding to visual and auditory words, shapes, and strings. The first session will involve a practice version of the task in the lab, and the second session will involve an fMRI session during which participants will complete the task in the scanner.

Eligible participants for this study must be between the ages of 65 and 72, with normal hearing and normal or corrected-to-normal vision. Participants should be able to discern human speech under loud environments. To be eligible for the MRI visit, participants must also not have any metals in or on their body.

For more information or information on participating in this study, please contact the research assistant, Ziqi Chen. Email: zchen140@jhu.edu
Phone: 616-238-8892

Principal investigator: Marina Bedny, PhD
Application # NA_00087983