Remote, paid student worker position available

The Chen Lab in the Psychological and Brain Sciences Department is seeking enthusiastic, self-motivated, and detail-oriented students to assist with transcription and annotation in the context of our real-world memory research program. The lab needs someone to transcribe and annotate movies, as well as recorded speech. For example, in prior experiments we have used movies such as BBC's Sherlock. The duties of the transcriptionist would include writing detailed moment-by-moment descriptions of what's happening in a movie, listening to audio recordings of English speech, accurately and quickly transcribing the contents of these audio recordings, and providing subjective ratings and annotations of transcripts.

This is a paid position with a time commitment of up to 10 hours per week. Scheduling is flexible, and most work can be completed remotely and on your own time. You may also need to be available for occasional meetings (a few times per semester) in Ames Hall on Homewood campus. This is not a research position. Students who are interested in applying to conduct research in the lab should contact Dr. Chen separately by email. If you are interested in being a transcriptionist for the Chen Lab, please reach out and send us an application.

Please send any questions to

Apply through JHU SMILE (job code 12117).