Where Do You Call Home? Housing Options in Retirement

There are housing options available in retirement to meet many different needs. You may want to stay in your current home and build modifications or have home helpers if the need arises. Maybe you're ready to let go of the maintenance responsibilities and move to a place where someone else rakes the leaves and fixes the leaky gutter. What if you anticipate needing increasing help with self-care but don't want to keep moving every time your needs change. Perhaps your children and grandchildren live elsewhere and you're not certain if you're ready for a cross-country move. Whatever your situation is, there are many factors to consider when planning for where you might live in retirement. Join Ellen Platt, M.Ed., CRC, CCM, a certified Aging Life Care Manager, to learn about the many housing options in retirement to help you make proactive decisions about where to call home. Q&A to follow. Register in advance for this webinar.