BRAINY: Brain Recovery After INjury in Youth now online

The Brain Injury Clinical Research Center at Kennedy Krieger Institute is recruiting youth, age 10-17, who have had a recent concussion and children, age 15-17, who have never had a concussion, for a research study about brain recovery after concussion, in relation to motor performance and brain connectivity. This study involves three visits over the course of one year and each visit can be completed online via Zoom, or in-person at Kennedy Krieger. Online visits last 1-2 hours and in-person visits last 3-5 hours. There is no cost to participate. Participants will receive a $75 gift card for each in-person visit or a $50 gift card for each online visit, a $10 gift card for each MRI completed (in-person visits only), and an additional $5 in gift cards for the completion of monthly survey responses. For more information please contact the BRAINY Research Team at 443-923-7987, by email at , or visit