Healthy volunteers needed for cannabis study

Healthy volunteers ages 18–50 are needed to take part in a research study at Johns Hopkins. The researchers are seeking people who have a history of using cannabis (marijuana) but have not used any in the past month.

The study will involve seven outpatient visits to the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. The first visit will help us determine your eligibility. If you are eligible, we will invite you for the remaining visits. This includes three all-day visits that involve a drug administration session (of THC and/or CBD) along with other drugs that people are commonly prescribed or get over the counter. Each of these visits is followed by a one-hour visit the following day.

You will be compensated $1,280 for your time and cooperation.

Principal investigator: Ryan Vandrey, PhD Study number: IRB00207237

Call 410-550-1102, text YES to 202-963-2177, or email for more details.