Paid CBD research

Healthy adults age 18–55 are needed to take part in a Johns Hopkins research study. The study will require six total visits to the lab, located at the Bayview Medical Center. Participants who are eligible and agree to be in the study will orally consume a liquid that contains substances found in cannabis, including CBD and THC. Participants will use their assigned drug once in the lab (in a session lasting about seven hours), and also at home twice per day over the 14 days that occur after the first session. During this 14-day period, participants will visit the lab again for one-hour visits on days 2, 7, and 14. They will also do a final one-hour visit a week later, on day 21.

This study pays up to $830 if participants complete all procedures.

If you are interested in participating and for more information, call Lauren at 410-550-0586


Complete a quick online screen here.

Johns Hopkins Medicine
Principal investigator: Ryan Vandrey, PhD
Protocol #: IRB00239558