Reimagine Website Premieres! Unites Efforts of All Schools & Career Departments

Introducing! The premiere one-stop-shop for all things career-focused and answering all questions about the journey and process of life design. Reimagine is the united effort of every school's career department as well as the offices of Undergraduate Research, University Experiential Learning, Study Abroad, Hire Hopkins and Hopkins Connect (minds behind JHU's mentoring platform, OneHop). Head to Reimagine and start exploring.

The Reimagine website seeks to serve all students at any point in their life design process. From undergraduate to post docs to alumni, the website is the premiere platform to gain insight and contact information students need to move forward with their goals and pursuits outside of JHU. In addition to career department contact information and JHU-specific platforms and resources, the student section is divided into 4 sections that serve as key components in life design, Get Curious, Talk to People, Take Action and Show Your Work.

Are you already starting/about to start your life design journey? Get Curious is the section of the Reimagine new website with stories of your fellow students: current or former - and what they did to reimagine their lives. Learn from examples others have shared: how they had made a complicated decision and found a way to improve their lives. One poignant example is how a summer job in a factory changed a person's entire outlook and, subsequently, a career.

Talk to People is the section with the best tips on how to start making and then nurturing these connections and, also, how to utilize new or existing connections in the best way possible. This isn't just networking. The goal is to help students communicate in a way that will not only advance their career but help help reach goals set in place.

Take Action is the third section of the website. Taking action can be scary, and often it requires stepping into uncharted territory. Reimagine provides helpful tips and examples on actionable ways that can change an education, career and life's journey. Want to start a research project on an intriguing topic and gain university support? There's information to help achieve that. Feel inspired to organize a virtual panel? There is a step-by-step piece for just that.

Show Your Work is the last but not the least part of the Reimagine You. Become an example for every individual eager to design their lives in the best way possible. Meanwhile, learn about other people who have already made that step and get inspired to show your own work, and who you are, to the world.

Although ILLD is working inside the Johns Hopkins University, Reimagine is a portal for everyone. No matter who or where they are geographically or in life, ILLD and its offices and departments have created Reimagine with the students in mind first. To everyone who wants to start somewhere, welcome to Reimagine!

Feel curious? Or have a story in mind to share with us? You are welcome to browse Reimagine today!