Center for Neurodevelopmental and Imaging Research seeks participants for several studies

The Center for Neurodevelopmental and Imaging Research (CNIR) investigates the underlying features and mechanisms of childhood brain disorders. Through the center's integrated approach, its multidisciplinary team works in concert to delve into the neuroscience underlying developmental disorders in order to improve identification and diagnosis and to develop novel therapies and effective interventions. Encompassing a strong emphasis on brain mapping technologies, the center utilizes imaging and other modalities to approach a range of neurodevelopmental disorders

Several different studies that focus on autism spectrum disorder, Tourette syndrome, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are recruiting participants. There are minimal risks associated with any of our studies. There are no direct medical benefits to participating in any of our studies. Compensation, which varies from $25 to $50 per visit day, is available for each study.

For detailed information about the studies, visit the center's webpage.

If you are interested in participating in any of the studies, email the center at