Humanities Blast Courses, summer 2021

AGHI's summer program, Blast Courses in the Humanities, is back for summer 2021! We're offering eight new courses free to all members of the public, taught online by up-and-coming Johns Hopkins experts.

To see our summer 2021 course offerings, check out descriptions and registration links below. Courses start Monday, July 5, and many classes have a maximum capacity, so sign up soon!

These five-week, online humanities classes offer entry-level explorations of topics ranging from Medieval Irish Sagas to radical movements to Reading Poetry for Everyday Life. Classes are intended to offer adult students with busy schedules a chance to learn something fun and interesting without homework or high-intensity classes. Instead, Blast Courses allow students to get familiar with a new subject over about two hours/week.

Some classes include a live class discussion at a pre-arranged time: Be sure to check to see whether the class you signed up for is all pre-recorded or includes some group meetings. All Blast Courses are interactive—including the fully recorded classes, in which instructors will ask students for their questions about the week's ideas and topics, then post a Q&A video at the end of the week responding to you. Students need to provide an email address upon registration so their instructor can send these weekly links to videos, handouts, and/or any other material as you take this five-week BLAST through a topic!

Visit the Alexander Grass Humanities Institute website for more details and to register.