Volunteers needed for research study on running fatigue

Researchers are recruiting healthy participants (ages 18 to 35) for a study on running fatigue in the Motion Analysis Lab at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. The study involves treadmill running bouts and a protocol aimed at inducing fatigue. We place various sensors on the body to measure movement and muscle activity—the study is noninvasive. Inclusion criteria are no current lower extremity injuries, no lower extremity pain when running, and weekly exercise lasting at least 120 minutes, of which 30 are devoted to running. The study lasts between five and six hours.

Compensation is $15/hour for participation.

If you are interested in participating or have questions about the study, contact Jan Stenum at jstenum1@jhmi.edu with "Fatigue Study" in the subject line.

Ryan T. Roemmich, PhD, principal investigator
IRB protocol number: IRB00143977