Job description for URA/GRA: Johns Hopkins University eSchool+ Initiative/World Bank/UNICEF COVID-19 Global Education Response Tracking Project

The Johns Hopkins eSchool+ Initiative is hiring part-time or full-time (10-40 hours/week) student research assistants to be part of the COVID-19 Global Education Response Tracking Project. Student responsibilities will include data collection for the COVID-19 Global Education Response Dashboard. This requires monitoring departments or ministry of education websites, as well monitoring news outlets/media on any educational developments in countries of interest.

Information collected will be used to complete a biweekly survey about current status of each country's school operations and equity considerations for specific populations. There are no language requirements, but being proficient in another language may be helpful when collecting data from countries where English is not the primary language.

Content development. The eSchool+ team is constantly developing new material, including op-eds, white papers, and webinars. Support is needed in the creation, editing, and dissemination of these materials.

If you are interested, please send an email about your interest/cover letter and CV to Dr. Megan Collins, (cc: Azka Tariq,, by Friday, June 18.