Odyssey summer: The American Motorcycle

Odyssey suggests that this course be for participants 18 years and over, owing to some of the content of the films and some of the more adult discussion that will follow.

This class will cover some brief history, technology, and pop culture of the motorcycle from the bicycle to the steel horse we know today. The story of the American Harley Davidson will be the focus along with a discussion of Harley's major competitors and obstacles both foreign and domestic. The culture of the motorcycle has left a permanent mark on the world from the criminal behavior of the so-called 1% post-WWII clubs to the B-movies that shape how we feel about "bikers." From The Wild Ones to Easy Rider to Sons of Anarchy and other iconic biker movies, we will discuss their impacts on society's fascination with the motorcycle.

Motorcycles offer freedom to every generation, but it's not been all burnouts and leather. Today motorcycle enthusiasts dedicate their lives to travel and charity, but the image and persona of the big bad biker persists throughout our collective lifestyles, fashion, music, and even politics.

Join Nick "Willy James" Nichols down the virtual winding road of biker history, cinema, and culture.

910.875.01 via Zoom
Thursday, June 3 and 10, 7–8:30 p.m.
Cost: $50 (2 sessions)

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