Apply for an ICTR Team Science Award by June 18

The Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, or ICTR, recognizes that advances in translational research are increasingly dependent on teams of individuals with different perspectives and skills, working collaboratively toward a common goal. The Team Science Award aims to both recognize the great work Johns Hopkins researchers have been doing as multidisciplinary teams and to highlight best practices and share lessons learned in team science.

The award consists of:

  • $2,000 to be used for team functions OR a project-specific consultation with the ICTR Research Navigators to see how we can best support your research
  • a 'Coffee Break' package from the Bakery, our neighbor at the Northeast Market
  • a feature in a future team science event to share your experience

Three teams will be selected, and any person within the Johns Hopkins system who is part of a Team Science project may submit an application on behalf of a team. Teams must include at least three members, be based primarily at Johns Hopkins, and have worked together on more than one research protocol.

The request for applications will be released May 19; applications are due by June 18. Visit the Team Science Award website for updates. Send your questions to no later than June 4.